You have a long day, and someone said something… BAMM! Your switch was flipped and you blew up. What can you do to quickly shift out of the anger? Here are 5 suggestions for you to do when you are upset?…

SO…YOU ARE UPSET! Let’s first establish this… It matters not who is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It matters only that you ARE upset and what are some of the things you can do to change it.


Every one gets upset at some point in their life. Its part of our emotions. We get triggered and we feel the emotion. ENERGY IN MOTION. It proves you are alive! You are human!

The question is why should you be wasting your energy staying upset? Okay it happened. Now, what can you do about it? You know, being upset uses a lot of energy. I KNOW, as I have seen how my hands shake when I get upset! Wow, that’s a lot of energy!So I started asking myself, why not blog about it?

Hmmmm… Here are my 5 suggestions for you to do when you are upset. Okay?… here we go?

  1.   Interrupt the pattern – Get up, walk away and go do something else. Simply by moving your body and doing a different activity you have interrupted an active the pattern. It ‘shifts’ the energy and gets it moving again. Go listen to music, walk outside to get a breath of fresh air…

I have heard some people love doing cleaning when they are upset. It’s therapeutic to them, well if that works for you… Go for it. If you are like me who doesn’t enjoy scrubbing the floor, continue on to the rest of the blog.

  1.  Use Self Help Tool – Release the anger with self-help tool like Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique or any other tools you know.

When I am upset and want a quick fix. I would grab my I-Ching Perfect Balance Card  and wear it around my neck. I-Ching Perfect Balance Card is a powerful energetic instrument to use whenever one feels out of balanced. It helps shift the negative energy and help one to return to balance in a matter of 15 minutes. Very powerful and effective…

  1.  Get a hug – Get a hug from someone around you. If you don’t have anyone with you, go hug your pet. Play with your dog or cat. They are non-judgmental and always give unconditional love. Hug them and soak in their love.

While I am writing this, my Rottie/Bassett Hound Twinkle just jumped up and kissed me. Awwww… She knows mommy always can use her unconditional love. Again, I smile and feel good right away. The love from pet is very therapeutic.

  1.  Use essential oils or one of your favorite scent – The brain’s Limbic System is connected to 50 million smell receptors that are inside your nose. The Limbic System is responsible for memory and emotions.

You know how you smell the aroma of banana bread and it brings back memory of your grandma’s cooking? Well, that’s how your brain works with scent. So, when you smell a scent that brings positive memory to you from the past, you can easily help your release the stress and go back to a ‘happy’ state. Also, you can use essential oils such as Frankincense, Lavender, Chamomile and Bergamot to name a few to help you uplift your mood.

  1. Smile – Yes SMILE. You can’t stay angry for much longer when you start smiling. It is just impossible. You can’t be angry and smiling at the same time. It’s another way to change the state. If you are very angry, go to the bathroom mirror and start smiling at the person inside the mirror. I promise you, you won’t be able to stay angry for much longer IF you sincerely make the effort to smile for a minute…or two! Better yet, if you are up to it, LAUGH. Laugh out loud after you start smiling. One baby step at a time… I promise you, your smile will wipe away your anger ad you would be able to move into laugh. Perhaps you would even say to yourself, “why would I get upset in the first place??????”



The key here is not about not feeling upset or angry. As anger, sadness or happiness are all part of us. Its a way to help us understand where we stand and what triggers us. Its nothing ‘wrong’ to be triggered, its only ‘harmful’ when you don’t do anything about and let it sits. Or worse… dwelling on it and playing a victim.

So, here is another short blog from me. I hope you enjoy “5 suggestions for you to do when you are upset?” as much as I do writing it.

I love to hear your comment, please leave your comment on my blog. 

Oh! If you want to find out more about therapeutic grade essential oils or I Ching instrument, feel free to contact me and I would provide more information for you.

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