Have you ever heard of the term “The Pattern Unlocks The Power”?

I first heard of this term 3 years ago in a seminar. The explanation that followed open my eyes and lead me onto a path I never imagined…



I have always been a student of personal growth. Not as a seminar junkie but someone who sincerely wants to find some new knowledge to better myself. I never went through any traumatic experience in my life,  neither have I experienced war or growing up in some broken abusive family. However, I recognize there is something missing. I somehow am not  a happy camper. Couldn’t explained or put my finger to it. So I spent most of my adult life reading self help books, listening to inspirational audios, attending personal development seminars searching for answers.

When Dr Morter of the Morter Health System introduced the concept of “The Pattern Unlocks The Power” he explained that our ‘lack’ are due to certain patterns held in the mind. We all have the power and ability to create and live the life we imagine but it is the patterns in our mind that prevent us from living our dreams.

So what are the patterns? How did we create them?

Our biggest protector is actually our brain. The pattern is the creation of our subconscious mind. It is  a protective mechanism to prevent us from experiencing similar ‘harm’ in the future. As a result, everyone is holding some sort of personal patterns … and these patterns creates our personal stops in life. They hold us as emotional prisoner inside our mind, creating self limiting beliefs or sabotaging behaviors until we identify and update this memory pattern.

Wow! That was huge for me. I was sitting at the edge of the seat when Dr Morter introduces Morter March (previously known as M Power March). A patent technology developed to train our brain to a new supportive pattern.

I have to say, Morter March appear to be too simple. Really? It can update the brain?

Well, YES. Morter March is simple but very powerful.  Morter Health System has been teaching this technique for 40 years with students practicing this technique all over the world. The learning of this technique has transformed my life.  I was so fascinated by the information. I became a Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique practitioner.  Today, I hold workshops and seminars teaching individuals this powerful self-help technique.

So… are you ready to put Morter March to test? I would love to hear from you about your experience.

If you would like to receive written instruction for the Morter March, please feel free to contact me and I would be glad to provide the information to you.

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  1. Aaron Shaw

    I have seen the Morter training, and for some reason had never heard it summarized quite so well as what you have written. I have also been reading some other books which puts me in the place to be open to your description. Thanks for this, I think I’ll start marching!

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