It brings me great joy to provide exceptional service to my clients!

Don’t just take my word for it. Here is what some of my happy clients have to say…

“Hi Wendy,

You are a miracle worker! Abby (my cat) was acting strange and not eating for three days before I contacted you.

By the time you left on Wed as you and I noted – Abby was looking ‘perkier’.

I kept up the tapping you suggested…24 hours later, Abby started to drink water without gagging and showed interest to go outside.

Thursday night she had little sips of water and had a small spoonful of food.

Friday, she started to show signs of her ‘old spunky’ self.

Her swollen face is almost all gone now. I have been doing the tapping daily as suggested.

Today is Saturday and she has gone out for 3 consecutive days.

I want to say Thank YOU again Wendy.”

Angela Borgeest
“I’m a freelance personal trainer that struggled for a long time to retain clients let alone increasing my client base and income. I did several sessions with Wendy on Skype around my business goals. In just 3 months, my income doubled and the quality of my clients increased dramatically.

I set out to further my professional career through Wendy’s help. In return, not only did I achieve my goals in just 3 months, I also felt a change on a personal level. I highly recommend Wendy to anyone who is looking to further their life professionally or personally.”

Johannes - Fitness Professional
“On August 2 2014, I said goodbye to our daughter who had to leave us to work in Japan for a year. She is our only daughter and I anticipated that I will miss her, what took me totally by surprise was the degree of heartbreak I went through from the day she left; I couldn’t stop crying, I felt depressed, have trouble eating and for those people who know me, I am a very upbeat type of person… this condition persisted for 48 hours with no light at the end of the tunnel… that was when I emailed Wendy just asking if she can help with ‘heartbreak’ and I started describing in my email what I was experiencing and requested her help.

It was late at night when I sent Wendy the email but when I woke up the next morning – Day 3, I was totally back to my normal state as if the last 48 hours never happened. I was stunned but was happy though cautious in the following days wondering if something might trigger a relapse. The ‘normal’ feeling persisted for about 3 days when I felt assured enough that I was fine when I started to analyse what I did different that caused this change…Wendy was the only person I reached out to for help so I emailed her to share my experience with her and Wendy wrote back.

‘Angela. I only tapped one point for you. That’s it. A point to correct reversal. Side of hand. Glad that’s all you need. Don’t want to go into too much explanation here.’

Everything happens for a reason, this whole BEST and Tapping experience with Wendy has opened my eyes to further appreciate what an incredible tool/gift Wendy has.

Thank you Wendy – you are the BEST!”

Angela Borgeest